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Cooperative DLZ Service

In order for the Divine Light Zentrum to be able to maintain its status as a purely exclusive cultural and benevolent organisation, it was necessary for tax reasons to ensure that the distribution of the thoughts of Swami Omkarananda by means of pictures, sound and writing were kept exclusive to DLZ.


Thus the society was founded in 1975, not based on financial requisites but on those aims already expressed. These confirm that the responsibility of editing and printing of all material in the service of DLZ from the thoughts of Swami Omkarananda belongs to the society.

The DLZ-Service Cooperative Society (Genossenschaft) is registered in the Swiss commerce register and contains in its statutes additionally the duty of serving and promoting spiritual-cultural events.

Other than the bi-monthly magazine "Divine Light“ and the monthly "Thought of the day“ one can get all books, writings, CDs, DVDs and other devotional products for private, individual meditation and multi-cultural worship only from DLZ-Service Cooperative Society.

All the remuneration from the activity of the society flows exclusively into this production and distribution of the thoughts of Swami Omkarananda without exception.

So, Association, Trust and Society form a homogenous triumvirate perfectly equipped to realise the aims formed by Swami Omkarananda on his first arrival in Switzerland, namely spiritual religious work according to the Gospel for all suffering and unhappy people seeking peace, help and guidance, which is to be achieved by cultural studies and philosophical research within the realm of god-experience in daily life by personal audiences, speeches and meditations.

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