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Swami Omkarananda's exceptional knowledge of both Eastern and Western culture, religion, art, science and their general features, particularly fitted him for the task of presenting a synthesis of Eastern wisdom and spirituality with Western culture and civilization. He has placed at our disposal the results of his twenty years of hard research in the Himalayas in various fields of Eastern and Western philosophy, culture, literature, world religions, ethics, and in modern branches of knowledge such as psychology, parapsychology, science, education, sociology, and other fields of knowledge, as well as the very best fruits of his own mystical experiences and his inner divine attainments.

Works by Swami Omkarananda from 1947-1961


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Worldwide Tributes

Omkarananda commands the intellectual energy, literary skill, spiritual brilliance and cultural background needed to answer most of the modern challenges.

               - Dr.Edward de Betterncourt, M.A.,Ph.D., D.Litt., University of Santiago, South America

This young sage of India, Swami Omkarananda, owns a nature characterised by transcendental tenderness, commands a wisdom beyond his years, is too highly educated for his age, and astonishes the American élite as much by his culture of the highest order as by his genius for classical literary expression in all its multiple forms. Providence has, methinks, endowed him with every excellence that entitles him to World's Presidentship. He has a valuable message for our civilisation.

               - Dr. Florence la Fontaine, Ph.D.,D.Litt., Indiana, USA


Swami Omkarananda is a whole culture in himself, a culture which might be a real alternative to our own narrow Western worldview. His statements (about himself and about meditation) are the utterings of a genuine Guru, whose God-given mission (Sivananda says the Guru is one who is sent by God) is to bring to people the light, the truth, the peace, the joy and the love which He Himself IS.

               - Prof. Dr. Carl-A. Keller, University of Lausanne & University of Neuchâtel

I would not hesitate to say that Swami Omkarananda is one of the great sages (like Vivekananda, Sundar Singh, Gandhi, Iranshahr) who dedicate their entire life to the salvation and enlightenment of humanity

               - Yves Junod, Central President of the Ecumenical League for
Christian Unity and for the Unity of World Religions

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