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Swami Omkarananda Foundation

Sense through compassion and wisdom

To keep up the blessings and benefits of the temple establishment for all times, on 26 October 2001 the Swami Omkarananda Foundation, as a religious foundation, was founded and registered by public deed.

Subsequently, the cantonal tax office of Zurich granted the full tax-exempt status throughout the whole of Switzerland because of the exclusively spiritual/religious activity.

The Council of the Foundation and the Curatory comprising members from all organisations gathered according to the teachings of Swami Omkarananda, has to administer and watch over the whole treasure of ideas left by Swami Omkarananda, so that this universal message beyond all denominations can be passed on in the way he intended, to the coming world, in as authentic and true form as possible.

The Foundation treasures not only a large collection of video recordings of all the ceremonies held in the temple since 1974, so that they can be passed on to posterity in an effective manner, but also an extensive library with books from all fields of knowledge and by all the world’s well-regarded authors.

This central Foundation aims at ensuring for all time that those who are interested in the study and spread of the wisdom of Swami Omkarananda, or who are involved in the synthesis of sciences, can make use of a complete set of resources.

Thus the Foundation serves to promote the benevolent activities of the DLZ, as does the commercial branch of DLZ-Service Cooperative Society (Genossenschaft), so that by their mutual work they both contribute to adding to the value of the treasure of the Foundation.

The Foundation, Association and Cooperative form a unified whole, for the purpose of realising the goals set up by Swami Omkarananda during his first visit to Switzerland, namely the spiritual/religious work according to the teaching of the Gospels for all people afflicted by suffering and unhappiness who are searching for peace, assistance and guidance, and to achieve this by cultural studies and philosophical research in the field of the Experience of God in Daily Life, by means of personal meetings, talks and meditation sessions.

Image by Raphael Rychetsky

Always listen to the words of wisdom that
flow from the lips of the master,
for they are of the greatest purifying power.
Their effect is greater than
years of meditation and effort.
Swami Omkarananda

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