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Research Institute
for the Synthesis of the Sciences

«Fundamentally, there are two categories of science: first, the science of the inner being, the science of the experiencing subject, the science of yourself; and second, the science of external things, which has its many branches. A synthesis of these two sciences is essential.

Therefore, we are creating an institute where these two sciences can be synthesised and applied in daily life. The science of the inner being and the external sciences have to be united, and an integral science of life must be made, by which life is led to higher and higher levels of evolution. 

There is nowhere where the Divine is not. If physics studies the physical universe, the dimension of the noumenal is inseparable from physical phenomena. The foundation of the physical universe is the Divine, and at every step, physics can be related to the Divine. In fact, spirituality is an inseparable part of every known science.  


Spirituality pervades the whole of life, for God is pervading all life. Every science becomes dangerous if it has no spiritual vision, if it is not governed by some kind of spiritual attitude, by a turn towards the Truth. Therefore, a synthesis of all sciences on the foundation of the Truth is indispensable.»

Swami Omkarananda

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