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The universe in man - man in the universe
Research and self-inquiry, compiled by Georg Weber


“It doesn't matter whether the universe is illusion or reality, whether it is a relative or absolute reality. It is clear that it cannot be an absolute reality, as much as we may hypothetically advocate this. The only thing that matters is the knowledge that everything - whether real or unreal - the whole universe, your life as well as the life of all visible and invisible beings and things, has its existence in the divine being - the ultimate truth. " - Swami Omkarananda

“As paradoxical as it may sound, today's knowledge is incapable of showing mankind the right path; I am firmly convinced that only the consciousness gems of a long-lost epoch can do that, namely ancient knowledge. " - Paul Conrad, Professor of Microphysics at the University of Tübingen

400 pages, bound

The universe in man - man in the universe --- book

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