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Swami Omkarananda

The Eternal Truth


From the content:

Recognize the truth that sets you free and enlightens you! The truth alone sets us free. What does truth mean and how do we know it?
That truth that the Bible requires us to know is divine truth. Nobody can deny that there is a candle in front of us. It's a truth, but that kind of truth doesn't set us free.
What truth then sets us free? Only the divine can set us free. So the divine is the truth. The Kingdom of God is the truth. Unrestricted, unconditional, timeless and spaceless being is the truth. The superconscious in us is the truth. The all-knowing, all-purifying, all-powerful divine consciousness is the truth. This truth is immutable and self-illuminating. She sets us free.
Nothing other than the highest, the most sublime, the original ground of our being can give us liberation.
What is this unlimited being other than God? Therefore: to know God means to know the truth; to know the truth is to know God.


233 pages,  Hardcover

The Eternal Truth

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