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Swami Omkarananda

Awakening to the limitless


The timeless truth is forever reformulated - like islands rising from the sea, like newly discovered stars in the firmament. SWAMI OMKARANANDA, an enlightened one of our time, expresses it in a simple and vivid way of beauty.

From the content: «Our outer life is a fleeting phenomenon, subject to change, a playing field of opposing forces, at the mercy of illness and death. Only when we direct our whole life towards God, when new values determine our actions and a spiritual vision becomes our own, when we feel deep adoration for the inexhaustible riches of God, for the miracles of infinite consciousness - only then will our life become true, find real fulfillment. Only then is the wholeness of our being preserved and we remain unaffected by external circumstances. Only then will our lives be a blessing for all of humanity and a way to our own spiritual perfection. "

204 pages

Awakening to the limitless

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