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Hatha yoga
Swami Sivananda

Everyone in this world wishes for a long life, health and happiness. Hatha yoga, as described by the great yogi Swami Sivananda in this book, is a divine blessing for success in all areas. Hatha Yoga is an effective weapon of defense against all adverse forces in the realm of the material and the spiritual. Through these exercises one can fight illness, become a hero of the spirit, achieve radiant health and God-realization. Anyone who is physically, mentally, morally and spiritually strong is an ideal person. Moral strength is superior to physical strength. It is not easy to get there. Fortitude is the greatest power on earth. A saint or yogi of fortitude can move the whole world.


Revised and expanded new edition , with 43 illustrations, 215 pages, paperback

Hatha Yoga: Swami Sivananda --- book

SKU: 254-7
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