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Sri Ramana Maharshi / In the Lotus of the Heart


All great teachers of wisdom, all holy scriptures promise us limitless, eternal freedom and bliss in the self, in the "I am". But how do we get there? First of all we have to realize that the body, mind, thoughts and feelings are impermanent objects, but not ourselves. When we establish this fact in our consciousness without any doubt, we can start the real search: Who am I really? What is this self?

Access to the breathing, throbbing science of the self is made easier for us through the awe-inspiring works of Sri Ramana Maharshi and his biography in this book, an adventure for soul and spirit, the discovery of the true source of our life, uninterrupted awareness. The great sage of Mount Arunachala shows us by his own example that it is very possible to find lasting happiness here in a mortal body.

His timeless message is reaching more and more circles of seekers of truth of all temperaments today, because it is completely natural to our own nature. There is only the true Self within, God in all His perfection. Everything else is illusion.


269 pages, bound

Sri Ramana Maharshi - In the Lotus of the Heart

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