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Omkarananda Ashram Switzerland
Divine Light Zentrum

Gain Wisdom - Love - Serve - Meditate - Experience the Divine

The DLZ has the status of a recognised benevolent scientific and spiritual institution with followers, supporters and friends in all continents. The organisation was conceived in accordance with Swiss law. The aim according to its statutes is spiritual religious work according to the Gospel for all suffering and unhappy people that seek peace, help and guidance, which is to be achieved by cultural studies and philosophical research within the realm of god-experience in daily life by personal audiences, speeches and meditations.

It is inherent in the centre’s essential character not to get into conflict with churches, religions or cultural pedagogic or social organisations but rather to esteem all good endeavours of such organisations and to cooperate with them and help them attain their supreme aims.

All human beings need some sphere of work and responsibility in which they can serve, grow and develop. They need some environs that help them to unfold their best qualities and aspirations, also to realise and develop the endless values hidden in every person. If they do not envisage any ideal or high spiritual aim, normally life degenerates and decreases in its value more and more.

But if they have a higher ideal which is carrying them forward, this gives them peace. This must not be any philosophical idea but the Supreme, and this is God Himself, the only one immediate Reality, not any god-idea of any sect or institutionalized religion but the universal, all comprehensive Truth as Life of life and foundation of existence, Infinity without beginning or end.

DLZ is not a new path but a path that strengthens other paths that are good and helpful, wherever there is kindness and meekness and god-thought and god-feeling. The centre endeavours to give a new spirit, new heart and new vision which empowers for living in contact with God in all His Perfections here on earth.

Swami-Bild Duwensee
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